Friday, June 4, 2010

A Quilt for Lola

The back

Lola is my goddaughter and I'll give her almost anything she wants.
So when she asked for a "Dora Blanket" I sprung into action!

I knew the exact patten I would use!

We went to the fabric store together and picked out the Dora fabric she liked best.
Then I asked her what color she saw in the Dora fabric and
she said "Orange!" so we went to the section with orange fabric
and she picked out her favorite orange...
We repeated this 2 more times and she chose blue and pink fabrics.

The pattern I used was from a Minnesota pattern book.
It was called "LeSueur"...
That is where Paula grew up and Brian and Paula met.

This is the final result... I cut it and Mom sewed it together at our
quilt retreat because she was tired of her own projects.

It turned out pretty cute!