Monday, May 21, 2012

train trip accomplishments

Ok, so I made these in November on my train trip to San Francisco.  I even took the photos then.  But now I'm cleaning up my desktop, so voila!

A giant cowl, with giant yard.  Kind of odd looking, especially as it ends right at the fullest part of my breasts, but it's warm.

My new favorite hat.  It's really soft.

A mobius wrap.  It's how nerds stay warm.  If anyone can explain to me why Blogger sometimes doesn't give a crap how I want my photos turned, I'd love to hear it.  This was rotated and saved six months ago, but apparently Blogger is too good for that.

A small grocery bag. 

All of this was the perfect level of brainless knitting/crocheting for staring out the window at the incredible scenery.

Sunday, April 1, 2012


After years of knitting and having sweater yarn for four years I finally made a sweater.  I went with a pattern that has no seams and was knit from the top down.

I'm really happy with the sweater, but it's now 85 degrees out so I won't get to wear it until next fall.