Thursday, October 20, 2011

Quiet Book (lots o' pictures)

Edited to add: The word "sewn" looks completely wrong to me, so if it's incorrect, sorry. Come back later when your spelling/grammar sensitivities are lessened.

This was the big kids' present to Rowan last Christmas. And as it's not yet this Christmas, I'm not too late in posting it, right? It's pretty heavy on the hand sewing, which I'm not minding as much these days. I'd love to take credit for the ideas for all of the pages, but really can't. I searched for quiet book templates, and found a ton. A lot are religious based, but I chose to skip them. Because really, this was planned more to keep R occupied at a basketball game than in church.

I found the most amazing ideas here:

This was also helpful:

The fabric, as usual, was the result of a crush. The pages are cheap muslin with batting (warm and natural, maybe?) in between. Bias tape around the edges, then buttonholes on the sides to accommodate binder rings. The cover is made-up, so I'll spare you the discussion of that. The felt pieces are doubled, sewn together after I sewed the velcro on. Most of them have a scrap of interfacing inside as well, so I feel like they're more tuggable. Here are the pages:

The cover. It's supposed to have a button on that strap to keep it closed, but I let R pick out the button and it's so hideous that I can't bring myself to use it. So it's just a flap, and the book doesn't stay closed. Big whoop.

Button on flowers.

This is one of my favorite pages. It's a lot of the places we go, that are recognizable to a non-reader. And our house, which is open at the bottom of the garage so a Matchbox car can be parked in it.

Velcro on the shapes, snaps on the apples.

Counting beads.

Velcro stoplight and tie football.

Velcro alphabet (iron on letters on felt).

Another favorite. The left is a set of pockets for 4x6 index cards and pencils. The right is a mailbox with a lid (cover? door?) that opens and closes. The mailbox is only sewn around the outside, so the cards fit inside.

Mr. Potato head and a zipper pocket for his clothes. Of which he needs more.

An old-school phone with a curly shoestring cord, and a treasure chest with a padlock and key.

A barn with finger puppets, and that back cover, which has an extra pocket.