Monday, March 23, 2009

Dishcloth Hat

Since I never finished Brinda's dress (she doesn't like dresses, plus I lost it...I have the pattern and the needles. No dress.), I decided to make her a hat. She had one like this, but all acrylic. And my mom trained me well - I can't handle acrylic.

So I made her a new one, in stash cotton (ok, it's dishcloth cotton). She loves it, and wears it inside all the time. It fit her when I first made it, but she loves to pull the ties down until she can't see, and now it's a bit larger. (There is an upside to acrylic, I guess.)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Quilt for Brinda

Mom and I put the quilt top together for Brinda...
Mom put the binding on.
I chose the backing fabric and
Cheyenne "helped" me put the layers together.

This is my first attempt at machine quilting.

Does this fabric SCREAM "Annie" to you?

Thursday, March 12, 2009


In the finished part of our basement (you know, the rumpus room), we have a big space that is meant to hold a (really $&*!ing big) TV. It's always been wasted space because it's just a big 3' X 3' x 2' hole. So I finally built a shelf for it. It's 12" deep, and the best part is that Chris built another almost identical shelf to go behind it, because the cabinet is so big. And yes, that's right, it's not full. We still have more room for crap! Yay! Now where can I get more crap...?

You might notice that it's not exactly square, and some family members will take exception to my tagging this post as woodworking, but it looks great to me. Chris's is even worse off (we had really warped wood, apparently we should have spent more time picking it out, but I like to think it's a sign of the creator...), but it's hidden.

And this is my other shelf. It's in the back part of the basement, and it also was just a big hole. Now it's filled with my art supplies. And sure, I haven't done any block printing, book making or whittling since before Chris was deployed, but it makes me happy to look at the supplies anyway. I believe that someday I'll throw my children out of the house, and then I'll be free!