Sunday, January 24, 2010

A lunch set

So I've kind of been on a mission to find fabric that's a bit more "water" proof to use for snack bags. This may be it. I used PUL, which is normally used for diapers. I can't find it around here, so I ordered both a knit and a woven piece.

I made a snack bag and a sandwich wrap with the knit piece, and I'm happy with how both of them turned out. All of the directions I find specify woven PUL, so I'm thinking that may turn out even better. And I'm loving how the sandwich wrap is also kind of a placemat.

I still can't find that PUL is truly food safe, but I've justified it in my head that it's kinder than vinyl. Plus, these are for Sarah, so she can decide.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Weighted Blanket

I made Brinda a weighted blanket, hoping that it would help her calm down a bit. I've worked with kids who use them, to kind of organize their senses, and I've always wanted one myself. But because they're "theraputic", they're wicked expensive. Luckily, the magical web knows all, and I found some directions for making them myself.

I let Brinda pick out the fabric, and bound it with blanket binding. Blanket binding can bite me. It seems so simple, and looks so lovely on the baby blankets Kathy made for us. But we're not friends. The weight is from plastic pellets for weighting doll butts and such. It's not as heavy as a dentist's bib, which is what I'd like, but it's about 5 pounds, which is right for Brinda's weight.

For the record, it doesn't seem to work. Maybe I can use it...