Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bobble Head

For my friend's birthday I told her I would make her a hat. She picked out the pattern and the color. I was a little worried, as I am not a big fan of bobbles, and there are a lot of bobbles on the hat. I was really frustrated with it at first, but after a break of about a month it was not so bad.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Scissors fobs

I hesitate to post this on the same blog as the most recent posts, but it is as crafty as I've been lately. Tonight I made scissors fobs for myself and a friend. Yet another dabble in the jewelry realm, and I'm pleased with the results. It will make a good little gift. That, and it will keep the rest of you from trying to steal my scissors.


Once again, I have finished a project within a year of obtaining its materials. Okay, the lovely set of six placemats is only the beginning. I'll make coordinating napkins sometime, but not today. This project was wonderful because I also used some old flannel from my stash--I know it's a shame to waste Barbie (flannel) as placemat filler, but she and I were willing to sacrifice.

Normally I'm a quantitative gal. Statistics are part of my daily life. It turns out that on my time away from my job, I don't really so much like to measure. Or make sure things are properly aligned. Hope my guests don't either. Then again, they'll be so sidetracked by the yummy things on their plate masking their placemats that they won't even notice.

Amy Butler's pattern calls for using her fabulous fabric on the back of the placemat, too. I avoided this blatant scam and backed the placemats with muslin. Barbie was pretty bright, so I went with one layer of Barbie and two layers of muslin. They're a nice weight and should keep too much heat from passing through.

Friday, September 5, 2008

iPod Cozy

I recently purchased an iPod. Every morning I throw it in my backpack or purse. I noticed that is was getting small scratches on it. In order to prevent further scratches, and have a cute looking iPod, I decided to make a cozy for it. It was pretty simple. CO 15, work a few rows in rib, knit until it will wrap the iPod, knit a few rows of rip, sew it up. I used size five needles and leftover yarn from Rowan's hat.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Pumpkin Hat

For Rowan's birthday I made him a pumpkin hat. It's adorable. I did not get any good pictures of him in the hat, as he seems to really enjoy taking the hat off.

I used a superwash wool from It is really soft, and I like the colors.

It turns out that there isn't much to say about pumpkin hats. If Kathleen or Mary-Claire got a better picture it would be wicked awesome if they would post it.