Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Costumes

Alternate title: What Was I Thinking?

It all started when Conor picked out a terribly expensive costume from a catalog. "I can make that", I said. So then all three pick out a costume for me to make. And I'm still thinking I have plenty of time.

Conor wanted to be a Star Wars guy. But apparently that franchise doesn't want you to be able to find a pattern specifically for a Star Wars guy. So we had to make a wizardy-knight one work - and an adult sized one at that. It turned out well, although in looking at the picture, it seems huge. Conor thinks it's okay. I will say that it's the first pattern that, when I found a part that I didn't understand at all, I just did it the way that made sense to me. That's a big step for me.

Rowan wanted to be a super hero. I present: Super Rowie. His pattern also included pants, shirt and gauntlets, but I was tired of costumes at this point, so I skipped them. This is actually the costume that will get worn the most. It's also the pattern that, when reading the directions, I thought "That is the stupidest way to make something that I've ever heard". So (after consulting with Mom and both of my aunt Kathys) I made it my way. Again, not following the directions is a big step for me.

And here's the girl who got the short end of the stick. I knew hers would be worn on Halloween and never again, so the only thing I made from the pattern was the gauntlets. Turns out she was thrilled with them, so she doesn't feel slighted in the least. I also made the skirt - one side seam, elastic waist, and zig zag hem. Tough stuff.
So there you have it. My first (and most likely last) attempt at making all three costumes. Next year, maybe one, but that's it!

Monday, October 25, 2010


I've been learning how to crochet. At first it made me want to punch and kick and scream, but then I learned broomstick lace. It's pretty cool. Now I have a new scarf that I made that I didn't knit.

Thanks to the success of the scarf I'm moving on to other crochet projects. I'm excited to be able to trim my knitted work in crochet.