Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween 2011

Remembering last year's time crunch (as well as Conor having no idea what he wanted to be ahead of time) saved me from trying to make all three costumes again.

As usual, it started with Ellie finding a $50 costume in a magazine, and me scoffing. It didn't turn out exactly the same (as she'll gladly tell you) but it worked. It's just a simple robe pattern, with lengthened cuffs and bottom trim, and a widened belt. The mask came with the weapons, and hides part of the collar. Pretty puffy sleeves for a ninja, but whatever.

This is the costume I love. It turned out SO WELL!!! Not just pretty good, but "this is why I sew" good. The pattern called for using tissue lame, but a) Hancock only carries that in gold and silver - Rowan wanted black - and (more importantly) b) the lady at Hancock, when I asked what it was, said "Oh honey. Unless you like to swear a lot when you sew, let's find something else" Apparently it's not fun to sew on. This is just some kind of silky fabric from the Halloween department. No different to sew with than my normal cotton. The chest armor is supposed to have horns as well, but Rowan asked to not have them. It's the silky stuff, a cotton broadcloth lining, and batting in the middle. The "muscles" are just top-stitching. It's still getting a lot of use!


mary-claire said...

oh wow. rowan's costume is amazing! i cannot believe it! you should be proud.

Sarah said...

Amazing work! Our craft booth should have costumes.

Deirdre said...

For what it's worth, I think Ellie's costume is AWESOME! But Rowan's is outstanding. It helps that he's adorable :) Be very proud, Kathleen!

Annie said...

Girl, you are wicked awesome! NKOTB references aside, I'm totally impressed.